Saturday, 16 July 2011

Illustration Bandits: Self-portrait as a Bandit...

Yesterday I did an illustration of myself as a Mexican Bandit for the University of Sunderland's students magazine Illustrating Bandits. Today they have blogged about this and there are some brilliant illustrations, I'm going to have to up my game I can see! (and yes I know, it doesn't really look like me, but we are in fantasy land aren't we, so I gave myself Nicole Kidman hair and a ginger bandito cat). Plus IRL (in real life a new text speak abbreviation I picked up recently thanks to Twitter) I would never wear fishnets and mini skirt, or cowboy boots for that matter! or a sword, gun, sombrero, bullet sling. . . etc etc. Aren't I boring IRL? :-) I would wear the mask though. ;-)

Have a read of the blog here and see the fabulous illustrations

Illustration Bandits: Self-portrait as a Bandit...: "That was this week's theme... This was a special one - everyone who's contributed gets a plug in the zine. Happy days! Bruce Parker Ro..."

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