Saturday, 11 June 2011

I am on the Waviograves Blog

I am featured on the Waviograves blog - go have a read :-)

The last day of Wood Festival

For Wood Festival's last day account in Amelia's Magazine I had a really happy, colourful, sunny subject to cover for my illustration - the samba band and the tents. I hope you enjoy!

From pleats to prints

From the Central Saint Martins graduate fashion show again, but this time prints.

I made an incredible breakthrough, a kind of eureka moment happened doing this illustration, after ages pfaffing about and being baffled about it, I FINALLY GOT LAYERS!!!!! (no not the hairstyley kind, or the wrapping up warm kind, but those in my photoshop-type free software GIMP and suchlike - I also have some software that came with my new digital "pen" and floppy drawing/writing tablet).

I was so pleased with myself after struggling so much to work it out, I almost did a dance. But I didn't. And I know I'm not the only one, many fellow illustrators/photographers/creative types I have seen and exchanged woeful hair pulling out tales on Twitter, well my message to you if you read is, is KEEP WITH IT, it can be conquered!!! Layers, you will not defeat me!

Anyway here it is above - article below. All the colour was added digitally. I did two separate pages, one pencil drawing and one watercolour wash loosely based on the dresses and laid one over the other - now this might seem simple but I assure you it is not. Really, no, it is NOT!

Yet another Amelia's Magazine Illustration folks!

And here are the incredibly strange trousers with what looks like a pouch to insert and child arms aswell, marsupial style attached to the front. I'm sure this was not the function of this and I can't really say I'm a fan, but I drew (well painted) them anyway.

The jacket is quite nice though!

And here is Amelia's review of the Central Saint Martins Pleats-a-rama section.

Jarvis and Pere, the thinny and the (now not so) fatty!

I did 2 illustrations for the Primavera Festival review in Amelia's Magazine.

I did not have photos provided, poor Laura Lotti's camera died on her in front of Jarvis, so I searched the internet, loads on Flickr etc. I'm glad I specifically found images from the Primavera festival though as it seems the gargantuan Pere Ubu (he must have weighed 25 stone I reckon at least) has shed about 10 stone and his clothes were rather hanging off him.

Anyway, I much enjoyed this very quick turnaround to produce these two.

I particularly like my Jarvis even though he does look slightly Taiwanese!

2 new illustrations for Amelia's Magazine: Brainlove festival

Cassie from Bear Driver contacted me to buy a copy of the illustration! Great compliment!

3 Illustrations of Wood Festival for Amelia's Magazine

And you can read the article here:

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Introducing Jessica Draws

A while ago you may remember I asked if anyone would like a guest spot on my blog.

Well Jessica Donnan, a graphic designer and illustrator in Cardiff, very kindly offered to answer a few questions and be featured here on my little ol' blog.

Jessica is part of the Waviograves Collective who are "a cheerful bunch of creatives offering a full range of design, web, and editorial services with an individual, tailor made approach built around your requirements"

Here's the Q&A's below, I hope you enjoy reading, I think it's fascinating to find out what makes fellow creatives tick!

Who is Jessica? Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Cardiff. I love films, books and anything to do with the outdoors, as long as it's sunny!

What is your line of creativity? I'm primarily a surface pattern designer and I illustrate for cards and things. But I trained in Graphic Communication so I've got a strong interest in Branding and advertising. I love logos and I'm a bit nerdy when it comes to seeing things out and about and analysing them.

Some of Jessica's Surface Pattern Designs, aren't they lovely?

Are you self taught or college/uni trained, and has this informed the way you work? I'm college trained. I did my Graphic Communication degree at UWIC in Cardiff. To be honest, the course wasn't great and I've learnt my most valuable skills and lessons since leaving. Living and working in the real world really makes you learn fast to keep ahead of the game and be successful.

Can you describe your style of work?
When it comes to my illustration style, I love all things whimsical. I seem to have fallen into specialising in children's designs so I'd describe my style as young, playful and cute. I love drawing birds and owls. I'm also really getting technically good with textures in photoshop so I'm in the process of doing some furry creatures for some children's home ware designs for an agency.

Who and/or what influences you and your work?
I'm not really fixed to a person or company or style that I like to be honest. I'm pretty easy going with everything in my life really, films, food, books, design. I like a lot of things that are different from each other. One thing I do every morning though to start the day off right, is I browse Print and Pattern Blogspot for inspiration. It's like going out shopping and seeing all the new things that are in the shops but I can do it from my desk in half an hour. I love it, it really gets my creative juices flowing.

Who is your favourite creative?
As I said I don't tend to have favourites. But, although he's not neccesarily who I should be looking at as a surface pattern designer. Tim Burton, really is who I most admire creatively. I love his sketches and his vision for how things are. It's really very exciting to me. In another life or if I'd had more opportunities when I was in school, I would have loved to have been involved with stop motion animation. I love clay modelling and it fascinates me how little, beautifully designed and painted models are transformed into personalities with a life and a story of their own.

What's your favourite film?
There are so many!Most of the Tim Burton obviously. Especially the stop motion ones. Also classics like, gone with the wind. And I love musicals to death! Greece, Chicago and the old ones like the King and I and Carousel and Oklahoma! oooo I'm getting excited just thinking about them! hehe

What is your ideal job?
Well I'm lucky enough to be doing it now pretty much. I'm a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator. I'm also one half of Waviograves Creatives in Cardiff, doing branding and web design and whatever else we can get our hands on. It's a pretty busy existence. The only thing I would change perhaps is the environment. I'd love to travel and work in different places. Preferably some place hot!

Can you name one thing about yourself that is unique or surprising, that people wouldn't be able to tell about you unless you told them?
Umm...I speak fluent Welsh. Which I guess is a little unique as it's not all that common.

Describe your perfect day?
A perfect day would be a sunny day, walking on a beach with my dog and my boyfriend. Nothing specific just a really slow relaxed day. maybe stop at a country pub on the way home, walk a bit more. Talk. Simple things.

What is your favourite drink?
I'm loving Amaretto at the moment. yum :)

Do you have any pets and if so what/who? I don't have any pets at the moment. We really would like a dog but we need to make sure we can give it the time first. My boyfriends really into tropical fish so we are planning on getting a tank at some point. My mum has horses too so when I lived at home I did quite a bit of riding but not so much anymore. I kind of miss it.

Do you smile a little or a lot?
Definitely a lot!

What time were you up till last night and why?
We were up until around 11 because we went to see X-Men first class.

Dream holiday destination?
A secluded beach in Thailand.

Currently most played record?
Slash's newest album. A-MAZING!

Book you would recommend everyone should read?
Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Really funny and brilliant!

And here's some more graphic design and loveliness from Jessica:

Thanks Jessica for your informative and entertaining answers :-)

You can have a look at Jess's website here and don't forget to look out for my answers to the above coming soon on the Waviograves blog!

Friday, 3 June 2011


and amongst all this (and crazily doing one million other illustrations yet to be published)

my exhibition went LIVE!

Here some photos of the window, I'm really pleased with the way the apprenticeship students have displayed the pictures. But I think I need to do bigger pictures next time!

Explanation of Creosote ramblings!

And here is the reason I was banging on about Creosote: King Creosote and Jon Hopkins collaborate and are featured in Amelia's Magazine:

Catch Up Amelia's Magazine V!tor

Had my V!tor illustration for Amelia's Magazine published a few days ago:

Creaturemag Dan Shaw

and the 2nd published article, but the one I did Quite some time ago now!

Creaturemag Daniel J Shaw

The first article eventually published after sorting the mix up was the Daniel J Shaw article:


As promised the Creaturemag "jumble"

This may explain why I'm talking jumbles:

Suffice to say Betty got hold of an interview with the "wrong" Dan Shaw

and hence there are now two articles and two illustrations with 2 different musical Dan Shaws!