Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm now 45

okay I'm 45 now - so the bio isn't quite accurate anymore :-) LOL But on another note - here's an image I did as part of a Fledgling ArtsCollective Swap Shop with Kim Acrylic a fantastic poet I have met through my voluntary work with this magnificent collective founded by the wonderful Jewels Johnson and here's the poem that goes with that image that Kim challenged me to come up with an image for:

"Lust Dust"

Paper cuts on my tongue from sending you love letters that you cho
ose to keep in your bitter box of memories building up thick sentimental lust dust.

Let’s play the crying game awhile holding hands with the magical past of legends, icons and jaded starlets.
Must you fool me?
I'll hang nonchalantly in waiting rooms of the dying like road maps of their past, will their journey last?
Spilled pills making you sicker, give then take all for control's sake
Do you believe in your mistake?
I put out the fire in your lake.
Brittle bone, hanging skin, a world of pain I'm blessed with euphoric sin
I'm abstract and undiagnosable
Deep with thought forever recognizable
He was once my love, NOW only dust of lust in a box of death
Makes your bitter box of memories pale in comparison to his sweet last breath


  1. PS: Happy Birthday! I think the 40's are alright-hope you do, too!

  2. Hello Kye - the 40s are alright - not sure how I'll feel about 50 though ! thanks for the birthday wishes :-) x