Monday, 5 September 2011

Amelia's Magazine | Lako Bukia: The London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Preview Interview

Longy timey no -ey post- ey!

But I am a back fans!

Did a couple of quite short deadlined fashion illustrations last night for Amelia's Magazine - its good to be back in the world of late nights scribbling some pictures and buggering about with GIMP - even though I went to bed gone 4.30 am and then didn't sleep till much later - feels like home ! Here are my two illustrations and here is the article - looking forward to more London Fashion Week assignments coming up - I really am a fairy princess just like I was when I was little - that was pretty much all I drew - well I'm 45 now, and though I may not look much like a fairy princess I can draw them to my hearts content! And if I don't wear the high heels I can still appreciate a lovely pair of shoes by doing a pretty picture of them. And long may it be so.


  1. Hi there Sam - I LOVE this write up .... it is exactly how I feel, including the sheer pleasure of it, the 'older' but new and emerging aspect we seem to have in common (ha!) and also having spent endless hours doing fashion illustrations from about 11 years old - it does feel like maybe fashion illustration (in the true sense) is back and really 'a happening thing' (ACOFI a huge factor I think) ... hope so! All the best with it, Gilly x

  2. Thanks Gilly - us oldies need to support each other - really appreciate your comments :-) xxx