Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Another illustration published today

here is an illo for Amelia's that also got published today:

and here is link to article:

Whilst I am fairly pleased with this, I can really see when comparing to the other brilliant illustrations with the article I have tended to go "dumpy" rather than long and elegant and the long and elegant just works better! I think what I need to do is work on a larger scale as I feel restricted by A4, and I think that's why some of my fashion illos come out dumpy-ish rather than the long slender skinny models that they are (not at all jealous!) but that's the size of my scanner so I try to stick to A4. I guess I could photograph my work instead? I have photographed images before but I'm not sure if I can get them at 300 dpi with my camera (will have to check!) and also sometimes the results can show up shadows etc no matter hard I try to avoid them.

I think a larger scanner is a bit beyond my means at the moment.

Any advice anyone? Would be much appreciated!

(Ha! just had a thought - maybe the other reason why I make them dumpy is to try and put a bit of myself into the pictures?!! Or a reaction against sizeism? Bigging up the larger lady?)


  1. Use a tripod setup that looks straight down at the photo and don't use flash.

    Then you can crop the image to the borders.

    You can play with the DPI in any semi-decent graphics package. a lot of cameras shoot at 72dpi - so be aware of this.

    Hope it helps ;)

  2. Thanks Wolf! my camera was coming out at 180dpi but maybe I can change it on the camera, or as you say with a graphics package. :-)