Thursday, 21 April 2011

3 recent illustration pieces

Been a little while since I updated here! I've been busy illustrating. Over the past few days I have done 3 illustrations none of which have been published yet so it's sneak peek views only.

I am excited about all of them! And one is for a new collaborator, CreatureMag:

It was an illustration for a piece of music and listening to that music is where the design sprang from, so it really was a nice leap and stretch for my imagination. I'm not sure how much more I can say yet so more to follow on that.

A second illo was a fashion one, for Amelia's Magazine. The colours were nice and strong and the shapes were bold and geometric and although the model first looked like Bette Davis, then developed into Uma Thurman, back to Bette Davis and ended up looking like both but with Sharon Maughan (of Gold Blend fame) thrown in! I am still pretty pleased with the finished result.

The 3rd was a FILM illo! Close to my heart as I am a great fan of film and consider myself a bit of a film buff (I even studied it)! It was also quite atmospheric and again I was able to use the film images but combine to a dramatic montage-y effect. This was also great because I took on the job at about at short notice, about 7pm tonight and had it finished by 10.30pm, a quick turn around as it is required for tomorrow am. I enjoy the extra challenge of a quick deadline and also think it can actually help - really make you focus and free you in a way, despite you would think the restrictions of time.

Anyhoo - here's some images which are just tasters and sections of or initial drawings for the 3 illustrations.

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