Sunday, 13 March 2011

Working on Sketch for RA Summer Exhibition

I am going to submit a drawing to the Summer Exhibition. Application forms have to be in on Tuesday and I have to describe the size, what I'm submitting, etc on the form, but I can work on it until I deliver it at the end of March. Here are the stages it's gone through so far - I have to work out whether to colour it (the colour version here was a photocopy on which I experimented). The colour is good I think (I was aiming for a bruise effect but the whole face - so not a literal bruise a metaphorical bruise) as it is an ex boxer. (Inspired by a photograph in American Images I photography book I have). The only thing with this colour (I used pastels) is that it has covered the detail, which I also like. I might experiment further but with coloured pencils so the detials aren't lost. Or possibly, watercolours, but I have to know by tomorrow when I send off the form whether I'm submitting a drawing or a painting! Complications! The photo above is the inspiration from The American Images photography book, and the photos below are in reverse order of progress. . . . the top being the latest version.

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