Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Retrospective : portraits

Some of these look so 80s they are probably quite fashionable now!
With the 80s revival and all. Retro-spective indeed! My favourite mediums when I drew them were pastels and charcoal as they are quick to work with and I feel don't require painstaking accuracy, you can blend them and they are expressive. The orange and black one was an attempt at "graphic" type art and a rare gouache. How's that for 80's revival fashion! Puts me in mind of Kylie's video for Can't Get You Outta my Head.

There are a few self-portraits, not particularly through introspection and self obsession (although I was very young at the time!), but through the lack of being unable to find enough people who would sit still for long enough for me to draw! You probably won't be able to spot the self portraits as I am quite different looking now (older and fatter) and also the drawings themselves actually look like different people anyway! There is another break from the norm, in the acrylic painting, another self portrait though you wouldn't know it.

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