Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Here are some doodles I've done today with Christmas in mind, very much just ideas scribbled very quickly, and I've played around with the colours in uploading the photos to make them more "zingy" and pop! The 40th birthday card was done a while ago for a friend's 40th, and I included all the things I knew she liked, Morrissey, music, Cath Kidson, Hello Kitty, coffees, shopping, cakes, etc, and 90210, plus some geographical references using bits of old road atlases. And her eyes from a Facebook profile photo. I tried watercolour pencils for the first time and some new glitter pens and writing felt tips. The first two I've added since the original post, today Friday 29th, and this drawing is based on an original 1940s Christmas card design but I've updated it with the addition of tv aerials on the houses, and even a satellite dish. One has been played around with a snazzy little iphone app which I really like. The other has just been photographed normally.

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