Sunday, 13 November 2011

Amelia's Magazine | An interview with Cave Painting and review of debut EP You’ll be Running Soon

Cave Painting as imagined by Sam Parr. ‘curled up toes for walking on rocks and sand. blessed by the sun. calmed by waving. the stone you take home. tan lines fade. a summer was made. me and four (you’s). the shark. the lark. island. forever. being a spectrum. a sunbeam. a collective. the water after dark.(kilo)metres apart. those calming palms. say yeah palms, leaving our markings, footprints behind. CAVE PAINTING.’

Cave Painting are a fantastic music making ensemble from Brighton. I had to illustrate them with no reference images as they like to keep themselves kind of anonymous. It was a good challenge. This "blurb" above appears on their website and I worked from that. Also incorporating a re-working of their logo. You can hear Cave Painting here, their music is really lovely, I liked it alot.

Latest tracks by Cave Painting

You can read Amelia Gregory's great review here:

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