Wednesday, 4 May 2011

General Update

Hello lovely blog readers (all 1 of you - on a good day!)

a general update. Not very inspiring title, but bear with. (again, in reference to a Twitter/Facebook update earlier, what's with this cutting the end off words/phrases? - it's clearly bear with ME, and it's clearly, AmazING, not Amaze, but I do have to say there is something of the Sally Whatshername/comedy value that makes me want to join in)! Or let's call it a generali updateteemi - another version of the same kind of play on words - you know the one, that character from the lovely series Miranda.


since I last posted I have sent off a fresh illustration which was well received (hurrah!) and I have been a thinking and plotting my exhibitiononie which begins 1st June! Alot to do!! I have to get this scan business sorted, get some good prints sorted, and get everything framed. Eeks a sunder, it's quite a lot considering I'm a way for a week aswell during that time.

Today I received my MOO/About.Me business cards (free apart from P&P if you get an About.Me site), they were well good! I think I am going to use them to get some greetings cards printed at some point.

In other news, I've been in contact with Sheffield Art in the Markets and another exhibition looks on the cards. I've also been discussing the possibility of having a joint exhibition with an artist friend at the Cupola Gallery in Sheffield.

I have put some more pictures in my Society6 shop and it's free shipping worldwide till Sunday, who knows someone might order something! I've put the word out on Twitter and added loads of links to the shop on my website (aswell as on here). I took advantage of the free shipping to order 3 prints myself aswell to use as part of my exhibition.

I can't put any of my pictures in the shop that are larger than A4 as I still haven't worked out how to photograph them at 300 dpi. Plus they always seem just that bit darker when photographed, the colours aren't as bright and sharp, the whites not as white. I think I may just go for getting a A3 scanner and call it a good investment!

Tonight aswell I've set up an Etsy shop, but that doesn't work as Society6 who print etc for you, so I haven't put anything in yet! But I designed a header for my store which you can see here:

I'm called earthakitt on there, which could be a problem or a bit confusing. I registered as a buyer ages ago, and you can't change your name unless you close the account and set up another one. But my shop name is clearly me so maybe it won't be a problem.

That's all for now folks, I am sure something else will come to me later, there seems to be a lot of plates spinning the air at the moment and I find it difficult to remember them all!

Oh, I just remembered something, my Yes to AV illustration is being used on Facebook as the profile pic of both Amelia Gregory and Amisha Ghadiali, I am dead honoured!

Over and out (for now).

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