Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Studio progresses albeit slowly, and with that, my artistic identity?

I made a bit of headway (with the help of handy father-in-law) on my studio this weekend, Monday, and today. It's been slower than I would have liked as the bare materials I got were inadequate, and need alot of "bodging" and embellishing. I realise now I should have paid more for the summerhouse in the first place! If you are thinking of getting one, I do not recommend purchasing one online from Homebase for around £500. It was rubbish, did not slot together correctly and has cost almost as much again in making good. The roofing felt was rubbish and needed to be replaced, the walls did not fit, etc etc, I could go on. Here's the latest pictures. The roof felt is being weighted down with broken up paving slab bits to try and stop the joins lifting whilst the roofing felt "glue" sets. I am covered in bitumen - well I was but it took a kitchen scourer type device to remove it from me with quite a bit of hefty rubbing.

On another note, I'm really pleased the deadline for the Whale Pine competition has been extended, I think I did a good pastel and paint whale picture but I think it can be improved upon and the extended deadline gives me the time to do that. This weekend I will hopefully see the structural work on the studio finished and the fun part - internal decor, can begin! I don't want to get too distracted, however, as it is a working space, and faffing about with interior design too much might be too much of a distraction!

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